With effect from 01.12.2010 the Arnz FLOTT GmbH Machine Tools the division spare parts and repair services was integrated back into the company.

In addition to a sufficient new machine distribution a reliable, efficient after-sales service is an important and indispensable instrument to achieve high customer satisfaction.

Your expectations and requirements in this field are our one and only scale and made us gladly move to complete this necessary step.

Your satisfaction from "A to Z" is of top priority for us-it's all about you!

Our team is available for your concerns and questions!

Arnz FLOTT GmbH Werkzeugmaschinen
Vieringhausen 131
42857 Remscheid
Phone: +49 2191 979 - 0
Fax: +49 2191 979 - 222

Arnz FLOTT GmbH Werkzeugmaschinen
Assembling / Warehouse / Receipt of goods
Weststraße 42
42857 Remscheid

Service department

Winfried Breidenbach
Head of Technical & Spare Parts Service
Phone: +49/2191/46408-175
Fax: +49/2191/979-23175

Mareike Goerzen
Spare Parts & Accessories Services
Phone: +49/2191/46408-121
Fax: +49/2191/979-23121

Holger Paucke
Technical Services
Phone: +49/2191/46408-177
Fax: +49/2191/979-23177

Lorena Tairi
Spare Parts
Phone: +49/2191/46408-120
Fax: +49/2191/979-23120

Sales department

Bernd Schüler
Head of Sales
Phone: +49/2191/979-158
Fax: +49/2191/979-23158

Hans-Jörg Wolschon
Phone: +49/2191/979-157
Fax: +49/2191/979-23157

Volker Wächter
Sales/ Export
Phone: +49/2191/979-159
Fax: +49/2191/979-23159

Toni Dragano
Phone: +49/2191/979-153
Fax: +49/2191/979-23153

Florian Streit
Phone: +49/2191/979-150
Fax: +49/2191/979-23150

Humberto Picarra
Phone: +49/2191/979-150
Fax: +49/2191/979-23150

Accounting department

Ilona Gilbert
Commercial Management
Phone: +49/2191/979-101
Fax: +49/2191/979-23101

Stefan Scheerer
Phone: +49/2191/979-105
Fax: +49/2191/979-23105

Purchasing department

Hüseyin Acir
Purchasing Manager
Phone: +49/2191/46408-181
Fax: +49/2191/979-23181

Vanessa Carlon
Responsible for purchasing
Phone: +49/2191/46408-130
Fax: +49/2191/979-23130

Perdita Schumacher
PPS / Responsible for purchasing
Phone: +49/2191/46408-161
Fax: +49/2191/979-23161


Jan Peter Arnz
Managing Director
Phone: +49/2191/979-172
Fax: +49/2191/979-23172

Peter Becker
Export Manager
Phone: +49/2191/979-102
Fax: +49/2191/979-23102

Alfonso Carlon
Authorized officer and shareholder
Phone: +49/2191/60826-13
Fax: +49/2191/60826-20

Francisco Carlon
Authorized officer and shareholder
Phone: +49/2191/60826-13
Fax: +49/2191/60826-20

Marketing department

Sabrina Félix
Marketing (B.A.)
Phone: +49/2191/979-151
Fax: +49/2191/979-23151

Assembly department

Achim Neu
Assembly Manager
Phone: +49/2191/979-160
Fax: +49/2191/979-23160

Technical development

Andreas Mysliwczyk
Head of technical development
Phone: +49/2191/46408-174