FLOTT Topseller


Figgure: SB P30 STG PV electronic with optional machined base plate

  • Depth end stop with fine adjustment
  • Emergency switch-off button
  • No volt release
  • Inf. var. speed adjustment
  • Table height adjustment with rack
  • Cable 1.5 m with CEE plug
  • Electrical drill guard
  • Thermal overload protection
  • Digital display for speed li>Digital display for drill depth li>Manual reverse switch
  • Tapping unit max. M20, tapping depth adjustment via digital display
    Order No. 290.622
  • Motor with separate fan
    Order No. 290.617
  • Combined drilling table/machine vice opening 120 mm, clamping width 105 mm table size 350 x 350 mm
    Order No. 290.125
  • Machined base plate
    Order No. 290.378
  • Machined base plate with integrated cooling unit max. contents 15 l, max. flow rate 30 l/min
    Order No. 290.160B
  • LED light with hinged arm
    Order No. 290.020
  • Large machine base
    - Machine-column diameter Ø 125 mm
    - Usable work table surface (L x W) 590 x 450 mm
    Order No. 205.036
  • LED-light integrated in drill head 45°, LUMEN:150 cold white
    Order No. 290.070
  • Cooling unit (separate tank) Contents max 15 l, flow rate max 30 l/min
    Order No. 290.340
Drilling capacity 25/30 mm
Tapping capacity (depending on size) Max. M20
Spindle MKIII
Drilling depth 125 mm
Distance column-spindle 260 mm
Machine-column diameter 110 mm
Usable work table surface (L x W) 420 x 340 mm
T-Slot size quantity 2, distance 125 mm size width 13/26 mm
Speed indication digital
Drill depth indication digital
Drilling depth end stop With fine adjustment
Table height adjustment With rack
Motor 400 V 50 Hz 0.9/1.45 kW 2-speed motor
Speed range with intermediate transmission inf. var. in 2 steps

125-4,000 1/min
step I 125-2000 1/min
step II 250-4000 1/min
(step change is realized via belt position change)
Feed manual
Distance spindle table 240-790 mm
Machine size (W x D x H) 520 x 820 x 1,900 mm
Machine size (incl. packaging W x D x H) 572 x 936 x 2,142 mm
Weight 275 kg
Order No. 205.181
  • Machines with special voltage motor: available on request
    Order No. 290.100
  • Machine light with transformer, incl. bulb (for machines with non-standard voltage)
    Order No. 201.510
  • Machined base plate with T-slots (for SB type machines only)
    Order No. 290.378
  • Food button as ”emergency switch-off”
    Order No. 290.320
  • Food on/off switch
    Order No. 290.321
  • Food reverse switch
    Order No. 290.324
  • Extended column 110 mm diameter (max. 300 mm)
    Order No. 296.288