TB 13 Plus

Figgure: TB 13 Plus picture shows extras

 - TB 13 Plus with B16
  • Digitally controlled threading
  • Tapping capacity max. M8
  • Precise adjustment of the thread cutting depth by digitally controlled depth indicator
  • Programmable Spindle Stop Function
  • Integrated high power LED light with focus
  • Emergency-OFF punch button
  • Electrical drill guard
  • No voltage release
  • Thermal overload protection
  • Cable 1,2 m with plug
  • Machine cabinet with board made from
    multiplex wood and integrated metal drawer
    Hight: 840 mm / Weight: 28 kg
    Order No. 250.208
  • Standard keyless chuck for TB 10 plus; B 16
    Clamping range 1-13 mm
    Rotational accuracy: 0.30 mm
    Order No. 285.131
  • High precision keyless chuck for TB 10 plus, B 16
    Clamping range 1-13 mm
    Rotational accuracy: 0.06 mm
    Order No. 285.064
  • Tapping Chuck with Range M3-M12
    according to DIN 371 (please see page 67)
    Order No. 285.109
  • Machine vice with prisms clamping jaw width:
    100 mm 
    clamping range: 95 mm clamping
    jaw height: 30 mm
    Order No. 281.206
  • Drill depth fixed endstop
    Order No. 212.716
  • Arbour (for 13 Plus MK II) MK II B16
    Order No. 285.320
  • Clearly laid out operating panel with a central
    metal rotary knob
  • OLED-Display (organic light emitting diode) for best
    resolution, clearly visible from almost any angle
  • Mode selection between drilling and tapping
  • Precise display of depth (actual-target) and speed (rpm)
  • Counting function of work cycles
  • Energy saving mode with memory function of the settings
  • Easy to maintain
Spindel B 16, optional MK II
Drilling deph 60 mm
Threading performance Max. M8
Speed Indication digital (rpm)
Drill deph indication digital (mm/inch)
Depth gauge stop ring (pos. locking)
Feed manual
Table height adjustment by rack
Motor single phase AC 230 V (frequency converted) 0.54 kW
Drilling performance (continuous/standard) 13/15 mm
Distance column-spindle 220 mm
Column diameter 70 mm
Usable worktable surface (W x L) 300 x 250 mm
Distance spindle – working surface to arm 0-300 mm
Distance spindle – working surface to machine base 410 mm
T-slots size (arm) 2; distance 125 mm
width dimension 14/26 mm
T-slots size (machine base) 2 cross slots
width dimension 14/26 mm
Speed (continuously variable/digitally controlled) 40-4,000 1/min
Dimensions of machine (W x D x H) 400 x 520 x 850 mm
Dimensions of machine
(incl. packaging W x D x H
420 x 700 x 1,130 mm
Weight 62 kg
Order No. (B 16) 212.500
Order No. (MK II) 212.503