Coordinates drilling machine

Coordinates drilling machines, also called jig boring machines, are high precision machines whose application lies in high precision tool manufacturing of precision engineering and machine tools manufacturing. They are mainly used for precision drilling and light milling operations. Coordinates drilling machines are available in two different types of design. The single-column-machine is equipped with a cross table, the two-column design type with a traverse table. The cross table guides the movement in the horizontal X and Y axes, the drilling unit performs vertical movement (Z-axis) in addition with the vertical feed of the drilling spindle. In contrast, the traverse table can only be adjusted in the X-axis, and the  crossbar with the drilling head  performs moves within Y- and Z-axes. In addition, the spindle performs a movement in vertical directions. To achieve an accurate tool positioning within the three axes, these machines possess optical or electric position measuring systems. Thus, for without making use of a gauge or other devices the creation of high-precision bores is possible. Coordinate Drilling Machines can be equipped with multi-tool holders for universal use.