For over 165 years, this is not only the motto of the company FLOTT, but also a lived philosophy.

In 1854, a small family business was founded in Remscheid, Germany which developed and manufactured breast drills and drilling equipment of the highest quality for the German market.

With these machines and the over the years invented drill presses, the company Arnz FLOTT wrote history in machine tool industry segment and is therefore recognized in industry circles and often cited as the “pioneer” of drilling technology.

Today the company is due to its outstanding experience in engineering and product quality already well established in the international machine markets. Always close to our customers – “High Quality – made in Germany”.

With our global partners FLOTT is not only the oldest, but also one of the leading manufacturers of advanced, high-quality drilling-, sawing- and grinding machines in Europe.

Tradition commits – to innovation.

Standstill would be anything but FLOTT. As a future – and user-oriented company FLOTT continues to invest constantly nearly 5% of the annual sales for research and product development.

Continuous improvements of our products and above all, intelligent solutions, industry-specific innovations in drilling-, sawing- and grinding technology – evidenced by numerous patents, copyrights, customer- and design awards – speak more than clear for the innovative and legendary pioneering spirit of FLOTT.

This means, by purchasing a FLOTT machine our customers can always rely on getting a perfectly developed, state-of-the-art, technically sophisticated as well as user ergonomics orientated high quality machine.

The product always reflects the current stage of production technology. With a better warranty and additional benefits included: Traditionally the highest quality and service… since 1854.

Service decides.
About customer satisfaction.

With stationary, modern training facilities for courses in theory and practice FLOTT wants to meet the customers’ expectations and needs highly efficient.

Our experienced staff is ready on every day basis to ensure that machines and equipment are always up to date – or in case of repair needed to reduce the machine’s downtime to a minimum.