Because we can only be successful in the market together, we are highly interested in the training of your staff.

Make your appointment for a FLOTT product training.

Participants will be informed and will receive an intensive training with focus on our entire product range in both theory and practice with focus not only on technical aspects. We also put commercial aspects into account.

Travel expenses are at your own costs.

For a smooth training sequence, it is necessary that we receive your application about 4 weeks before the training course starts.

In addition,we offer personalized training of new products based on our catalogue in conjunction with your stocked FLOTT machine tools on site. Here it is recommended to make an appointment with us.

For inquiries, please contact Mr. Volker Wächter at +49 2191 979 – 157.

Of course, also daytraining courses are available in our showrooms:

Firma BFS GmbH
Meckenloher Str. 1
91126 Rednitzhembach
Tel.: 09122/78550
Fax.: 09122/73959

Arnz FLOTT GmbH Werkzeugmaschinen
Vieringhausen 131
42857 Remscheid
Tel.: 02191 / 979-0
Fax. 02191 / 979 – 222

We can arrange an appointment according to your wishes and needs.