• Patented clamping mechanism ensures clamping of the vice with one hand movement
  • No unintentional banging or turning of the vice while using, therefore high labor safety (anti-twist function)
  • Freely positionable on the worktable unrestricted mobility of the machine vice
  • Short set-up time, fast clamping (time savings of up to 95% compared to conventional machine vices)
  • Increased travel and vice span
Felix 2.0 100 Bohrmaschinenschraubstock


[felix] 2.0 explained in a nutshell


Insert the clamping rail [3] in the base body of the machine vice (if not preassembled), insert the external Hex screw [1] in the machine vice body and tighten it slightly.

After installation in the T-slot of the work table, the T-slot nut [4] should be able to be moved freely within the T-slot.

The machine vice can now be freely and safe positioned.

Positioning & Fixation

Moving the vice to the desired position.

Tighten the external Hex screw [1] so that the clamping rail [3] rises and thus the T-slot nut [4] in the machine table is fixed tightly.
This locks the vice and keeps it safe in place for operation.

Anti-rotation device

The internal Hex screw [2] is in the elongated hole guided by wrench size.

In case of a clockwise rotation, the internal Hex screw [2] automatically tightens even more and thus secures the vice before turning further.


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[felix] 2.0 Easy and safe drilling operations – Thanks to the innovative machine vice by Felix Röwekamper.

The machine vice for freely adjustable clamping of the workpiece.

Simple, fast, secure and superior in use. With two hand movements the vice is clamped on the drilling machine table, precisely and safely adjusted.

Standard equipment

  • Prism jaws with shoulder and horizontal and vertical holding recesses to clamp a wide range of workpieces
  • Hardened and precision ground clamping jaws
  • No additional clamping devices necessary